Reinforcing Ipswich’s position as one of the fastest growing and most innovative areas in Queensland, the new look centre is at the forefront of change in the Ipswich region.

Features & Statistics

12km from Ipswich & 30km south-west of Brisbane CBD
Car Park
Total of 1,216 car parks
Number of shops
Approximately 75 Shops
Retail Expenditure
Retail Expenditure of the current trade area is estimated at $629 million, expected to grow to almost $1 billion by 2022
There are 6 primary and secondary schools within a 3km radius of Town Square
Population Growth

The catchment is one of the fastest growing locations in Queensland. The following residential developments are an indication of this growth:

  • Mountview Estate – 1,400 dwellings
  • Fernbrooke Estate – 750 dwellings
  • Brentwood Rise – 350 lots
  • Sunnygold Estate sectors – 568 lots
  • Cunningham Rise – 400 lots
  • Brookwater – 2,500 lots
  • Augustine Heights – 820 lots
  • The Springs – 280 lots
  • Edens Crossing – 900+ lots

For Leasing Enquiries

Leasing Manager contact details

Rebecca Steinmuller
Leasing Executive
Phone: 0405 358 022
Email: Rebecca.steinmuller@handlerproperty.com.au

    Casual Leasing

    Become part of the Town Square Redbank Plains retail mix with casual leasing. Offering an exciting business alternative, casual leasing is a great low-cost way to gain exposure in a high traffic, established retail location.

    The casual lease site is located on the footpath along the right-hand side of Foote’s Pharmacy, Woolworths end and the site area is 2.2m long and 1.5m wide.

    All equipment needs to be provided by the lessee. For your table, a floor length table cloth needs to be covering it. All signage must be professional and can’t be hand written. A3 signs and sandwich boards are not permitted and any signage must be weighted around the legs.  

    • Power is not available for this site.
    • Public Liability must be provided before the booking can be confirmed and payment is due seven (7) days prior to the set up date.
    • Bookings are for a maximum of a week long

    To make a booking or find out more about this opportunity please visit  AnySpaces Town Square Redbank Plains 


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    Centre Management Contact Details:

    PH: 07 2101 3050              
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